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Women, IGOTT2 and the Bulgari Serpenti

Date: Jul 31, 2011,21:59 PM -  (view entire thread)

IGOTT2 showcased an impressive array of watches from the unique Special Edition P10 pieces to new Offshores, ‘Only Watch 2011’ submissions from MB&F and Dewitt, and even a million dollar Bulgari Grande Sonnerie.  For the male watch enthusiast, there was quite a bit to look at and ogle over.  There were even watchmakers present from which to obtain first hand knowledge and explanations about the watches. 




Unfortunately for us female spectators at IGOTT2, there was much to be impressed about but little to see as exclusively meant for us.  I noticed a number of polite and patient women faithfully accompanying their male counterparts throughout the event-filled days of watch talk, watch people, and more watch talk.  Such good sports they were alongside their partners as they sported friendly smiles amidst exchanges of wrist-ware and tiresome swaps of stories and compliments.  I met and talked with some amazing women – even picked up a delicious recipe for baked chicken fingers.  Some loved watches and others just liked them.     


Ladies from IGOTT2


More ladies at IGOTT2


Luckily we were in Las Vegas, American mecca for entertainment, shopping, self pampering and all forms of self indulgence and consumption.  There were plenty of other worthwhile activities with which a watch lover’s gal pal could occupy her time. 


Sadly, Bulgari seemed to have left all their eye-popping baubles and gems at home.  No opportunities there to play dress-up unfortunately.  This was a “watch” event after all but they more than made up for it with what was likely the most expensive watch of the entire event – a Bulgari Daniel Roth Grande Sonnerie Perpetual. 


Bulgari Daniel Roth Grande Sonnerie Perpetual


In the classic Bulgari fashion, as always, they did not neglect the women.  We were each presented with a Bulgari gift box at the IGOTT2 – Bulgari presentation.  Other brands gave leather belts, loupes, and polo shirts – all male friendly giveaways.  Bulgari was the only brand that made sure the women got something of their own.  However, also in the Bulgari fashion of clever and ingenious business thinking, the box was empty.  A card was attached that invited the guest to the Bulgari boutique at Crystals at City Center to “pick up your gift”.  Leave it to Bulgari to kick off the Las Vegas shopping experience for the ladies at IGOTT2 at a venue with a more female friendly product lineup.  In my case I was on a mission by order to “pick up” a certain PuristS 10th Limited Edition piece.  The gift seemed like a side note.  Although I’m sure Bulgari’s intention was for it to be the other way around. 



Bulgari Gift Box


The staff at the boutique was extremely helpful.  It was as pleasant and swift as a luxury watch purchase could be.  The gift turned out to be a bottle of Bulgari’s Jasmin Noir Perfume – perhaps falling slightly short of the mental possibilities that can be derived by a woman when faced with an empty Bulgari box.  But it pleased nonetheless and garnered equal praise and appreciation from the females.  Thank you Bulgari for a wonderful gift! 


Bulgari gift for the women at IGOTT2 - Jasmin Noir Perfume



On my out of the store, I caught notice of the double coil stainless steel Serpenti watch and couldn’t resist trying it on.  I recall a little over a year ago, trying on a single-coil stainless steel Serpenti watch and a double-coil pink gold one.  At the time, the double-coil Serpenti was offered only in the gold and not the stainless steel.  Although the single-coil Serpenti is more comfortable to wear, the double-coil makes more of a statement.  I had secretly wished that a double-coil stainless Serpenti would someday be released and at Baselworld this year, Bulgari didn’t disappoint.  Perhaps they read my mind.  Or perhaps it was a clever marketing ploy to the likes of Apple; give the public a little and leave them wanting more.  In any case, I never thought I’d be interested in a fashion timepiece…and a quartz one for that matter.  The Serpenti’s elegance and classic design won me over.   

Although it would act more as functional jewelry than a device to tell time, the presence of a watch face adds to the mystique of the piece.  The allure of wearing a Serpenti watch is just about enough to get us to accompany you to any watch event.   


Stainless Steel Double-Coil Serpenti


Picture Summary (click to view) women-igott2-and-the-bulgari-serpenti


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