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By: MTF 
[PuristSPro Moderator] 
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Bulgari weakness.....?

Date: May 01, 2010,10:16 AM -  (view entire thread)

Q. What are some strengths and weaknesses of Bulgari when it comes to watches? 
A. Now it is just a matter of communicating this in an effective way.

Having talked with Mr Trapani for twice as long as planned, I feel he is right.  Bulgari is experienced with luxury branding for jewellery and accessories but less so with watches and ......hmm.....hotels.

With the watchmaking infrastructure in place viz. Manufactures and component supply, they can make good watches. Their main problem is the customers!  Especially those that have not opened their minds, hearts and prejudice. All that we can do on PuritSPro is to make sure that we ask the right questions as a community. Then we may get the right answers.



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