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By: bernard cheong 
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The FIRST delivered Bulgari Calibro 303, Porsche Carrera GT and women(part1 of 2)

Date: Jul 10, 2008,17:58 PM -  (view entire thread)


First off...I am overwhelmed with the actual production piece of the 303.

All pics seen so far were the "carmay" blank display. I took delivery on 10th July of my very own 303 at 430pm.

Joined a party to celebrate the arrival of the watch in Johore...with a celebratory ride in the Porsche Carrera GT to baptise the watch!!! With dust and fresh air!!

Here..the delivery of the watch...and the soundtrack of "Satisfaction" will best suit this..more..

Before the sunsets!!!
Before the sunsets!!!

the watch after the ride!!! Dust and a towel..
the watch after the ride!!! Dust and a towel..

Food and a bunch of WIS..this guy here in red has a Lange 1a
Food and a bunch of WIS..this guy here in red has a Lange 1a

Malaysian owners of exotic cars
Malaysian owners of exotic cars

Swiss and chinese pals who love watches and super cars
Swiss and chinese pals who love watches and super cars



Now for the first 3 hours of ownership.

I am soooo glad I decided to buy this watch.

There are times in which I review or write about a watch, and it ends there. This one, the story continues.

Everything, evry millimetre of the watch is preciously satisfying.

I have been looking for a super watch that real life people, who are NOT crazy to buy 100,000 dollar watches can experience the same magic.

These guys who are with me, they are not real WIS..they can afford an expensive watch, but would stop at either a Rolex or an AP..or a RM 005 at the VERY most.

Tonight...all were convinced that the 303 blows away or at least stands tall up there with the uber expensive watches...it has that magic, that weight, the feel...

Look at the dial and the matt appearance of the case band with the brushed finish!!

The solid gold hands with the grey dial.

The color of the dial is undefinenable..making it not black nor white.

Observe the DEPTH of the dial from the crystal...a deliberate design move...clever and bloody effective.

Note the MASS and HEFT that is visual, and immediately supplemented by touch and feel.

The bracelet...superb comfort. Typical Bulgari.

It is neither sports watch or dress watch..just a superb piece.

ALREADY...I hear news that a BIG retailer is ordering a ltd edition of the watch!


The watch is simply INCREDIBLY finished.

At the places that matter for most.

Do not expect Patek or Dufour finish in the movement, but superb AP, Rolex level finish at those places.


There are no words for my satisfaction.

All I can say is after just a few hours, and taking pics of this watch is that....I highly recomend this to even the MOST jaded, most synical, most tired of collectors..and of course to the people who want ONE watch and never another one again...and as an alternative to Rolex, at the same price point!!!

I never felt so enthusiastic about a watch for such a long time.

Yes, I love the MBF and Freak and Antiqua, but those are art pieces, they cost the price of an apartment or car.

The 303...it is affordable.

I just feel good that Bulgari did not price it way high..as it could have seeing what I see on the market these days.

The watch deserves a price mush higher!!!

If anything..I highly recomend anyone looking to understand high end watch making, to look at this piece.

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