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Audemars Piguet-PuristS 10th Royal Oak - limited edition of 10 pieces
Watch details
Brand: Audemars Piguet  (more)
Series:PuristS 10th Royal Oak - limited edition of 10 pieces
Model:Audemars Piguet PuristS 10th Royal Oak - limited edition of 10 pieces
Case Size:40
Listed:May 27, 2011, 8:55 AM
Asking Price:USD 53,000 
Retail Price*:USD  *(estimate)
Payment Info: 

Seller Details
Avatar PuristSPro
United States

Last seen:United States

Registered: Mar 22, 2006


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Picture Summary (click to view) priv-audemars-piguet-purists-10th-royal-oak-limited-edition-of-10-pieces

Ok, nothing formal, nothing fancy - just the facts, thank you very much.

If we weren't PuristS, these would be oversold already 10 times over.

But we ARE PuristS, soooo...

PLEASE NOTE: These can ONLY be ordered as instructed below, so please follow instructions carefully!

Write to the dedicated order e-mail: 

PuristS10th @ puristspro . com (remove the spaces)

State your contact details and the statement "I would like to purchase the PuristS P10 AP Anniversary edition"

State your PuristS log-in name to check IGOTT-2 attendance status - those attending IGOTT-2 will have priority.

 Please be sure to include:

1. Your full name

2. best phone number to contact you

3. city, state and country of residence

Allocation will be by

A. order in which the "I want to order" email, COMPLETE WITH ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED, is received

B. filtered by whether or not you are attending IGOTT-2

Orders and allocation are NOT confirmed until payment is made in full, as instructed in acknowledgement email.

We will keep a standby list, so don't hesitate to express interest even if you don't have a chance to express interest right away.

Okay, so here are the specs (all specs subject to change, final specs will be as presented at IGOTT2):

Legendary cal. 2120, demi-squelette (half skeletonized) with dark anthracite rodium base plate, bright rodium semi-skeletonized movement parts, for maximum contrast and aesthetics

Steel case and bracelet, with TANTALUM bezel and bracelet center links


Dark blue grand tapisserie dial with white gold applied markers, for a subtle low key appearance to the unknowing world - only you and fellow PuristS will know what a special piece you have on your wrist!

Special P10 rotor.

Limited Edition of 10 pieces


Price: CHF 49,500 / EUR 35,930 / USD 53,000 or local currency equivalent, before VAT or local sales tax or customs duty.

Order, delivery, and payment details will be sent by email.

Again, these can ONLY be ordered as instructed above, so please follow all instructions carefully!

'nuf said!


Happy Anniversary, AP PuristS!


This message has been edited by AnthonyTsai on 2011-05-27 08:50:20


By: Hampusw (registered)
May 27, 2011, 9:12 AM
Wow, cool piece!
Looking forward to wristshots from the lucky few!

Hampus Winqvist

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