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Kari Voutilainen-PuristS 10th Vingt-8 -- 2 Piece Uniques in RG & WG
Watch details
Brand: Kari Voutilainen  (more)
Series:PuristS 10th Vingt-8 -- 2 Piece Uniques in RG & WG
Model:Voutilainen PuristS 10th Vingt-8 -- 2 Piece Uniques
Case Size:39
Status:SOLD: Sold
Listed:Mar 21, 2011, 7:43 PM
Asking Price:CHF 78,000 (in USD)
Retail Price*:CHF  *(estimate)
Payment Info: 

Seller Details
Avatar PuristSPro
United States

Last seen:United States

Registered: Mar 22, 2006


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Picture Summary (click to view) sold-kari-voutilainen-purists-10th-vingt-8----2-piece-uniques-in-rg-amp-wg

The PuristS 10th anniversary party was held in Las Vegas and an auction of the Voutilainen PuristS 10th Vingt-8 Piece Uniques seemed like a fun idea at the time smile

The incoming queries (very legitimate concerns) about logistics, international gaming laws, trans-national & local taxation, time zone differences, and even statistical gaming theory (Thank you, Prof. XYZ) led us to reconsider.

After discussion between the PuristSPro executive and Mr Voutilainen, it was decided to keep it simple as a regular sale like for all the P10 watches.

There are two Piece Uniques for sale at fixed price and first-past-the-post rules apply.


Rose Gold Voutilainen PuristS 10th Vingt-8 at CHF 78,000 equivalent. (Available Immediately)

White Gold Voutilainen PuristS 10th Vingt-8 at CHF 83,000 equivalent. (Available Immediately)

Usual back-log wait for a Voutilainen watch is 15 months but these Piece Uniques (one piece of each gold colour only) are ready now.

Buyer is responsible for your local country Customs duty / import taxes etc.

Voutilainen will provide a valid CITES certificate for the leather strap legalities.


RG version illustrated below with the dial and movement basket-weave motif decoration.

Unique PuristS "basket weave" decoration on the movement  

White gold version below with a dark anthracite colored dial.  Same movement decoration as in above RG variant.


This is Kari's first in-house movement; designed and constructed and it is Caliber 28 (Vingt-8)

Voutilainen Calibre 28
Type of movement:  Hand-wound with new escapement (patent pending)
Escapement:  Two escapement wheels, direct impulse on balance wheel
Hairspring:   Breguet overcoil and Grossmann inside curve.
Power reserve:   50 hours
Balance:  4-spoke free-sprung balance with four regulator extenders
Plate:   German silver
Bridges:  German silver with with rose gold chatons and special PuristS finishing
Going-train:  18K rose gold centre and third wheel

Watch Displays:  Hours and minutes from the centre, small seconds at 6 o’clock  

Case:   One 18K white gold and One 18K rose gold, with sapphire crystal
Back:   Screw-fastened case back with transparent pane of sapphire crystal
Dimensions:  Diameter 39 mm
Dial:   Engine-turned in Voutilainen workshop
Hands:   Blued steel and gold
Wristband:  Hand-sewn alligator-leather with 18K gold tang buckle

How to order?
1. Write to dedicated order e-mail address: PuristS10th @ puristspro . com [remove spaces]
2. State your contact details and which model of PuristS 10th edition watch that you want.
3. State your PuristS log-in name.
4. Instructions about payment and delivery time will follow.


Good luck!






By: tony p (registered)
Jun 7, 2011, 1:12 AM
I actually took those two movement photos, back in January.

The watch I was photographing was a prototype. Beautifully finished, but with some very slight marks on the bridges. I have no doubt that the actual auction pieces would be even more superlative.

Good luck, everybody. These are breathtaking watches.

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